I'm Meli. Melissa, technically. Mel to many. Melinda to my darling roommates and some others. Sweet pea to my daddy.

Yes I'm 20 and call my father daddy. That wonderful daddy of mine is the inspiration behind this blog. Yes I get that the name includes father, not daddy, father just fit better.

When I'm not trying to fatten my roommates up, searching food blogs, doing school work, you can find me scrap booking, drinking peach mango crystal light and reading by the pool, summertime, obviously. 

Here you will find anything from my latest meal cooked, the latest, big disaster in the kitchen, what crafts I'm doing to procrastinate and ramblings about any thing and every thing that pops into my head. But never anything involving peanut butter or any other type of nut for that matter.The thought of that some times scares me. But it's my own head, so it shouldn't but it does. Half the time I wonder where in the heck these ideas come from.