Saturday, October 2, 2010

what's been cooking thus far

We're now into our fifth week being back,  feels like just yesterday we packed the car up to move in. It has been such a wonderful five weeks, I cannot complain one bit, well maybe the mass amount of work getting in the way of my social life and the rain, but other than that it has been great. We've got our routine down, as crazy busy as we are we always sit down and have dinner together at night and talk about everything or nothing and just enjoy each others company and a moment of relaxation. Weekends are a little less structured when it comes dinner as opposed to weekdays when I have the whole week planned out ahead of time. Our eating schedules are a little screwy anyway when since we usually don't roll out of bed until 11 Saturdays and Sundays. One tradition from home that I wanted to bring back to school, because it reminds me of fall and winter time at home and because its a perfect weekend meal, is Sunday soups. As fall comes and before we know it, winter, there isn't anything more comforting than curling up on the couch with a bowl of soup and a blanket.

We've had many delicious meals, but only some were photographed due to my forgetfulness..that's my goal, to remember to take pictures of both the cooking process and the finished product.

To say I love pasta is an understatement (thank you daddy for that lovely trait) so I'm always looking for new recipes that are quick, delicious and healthy (for the most part..)

 Grilled chicken and pesto farfalle with grape tomatoes from Cooking Light, so delicious. The sauce was a basic pesto mixed with milk, half and half, parm cheese, so good. We had some left over yellow tomatoes from the market that my mother brought us earlier that week so we threw those in too to add some more color.
The left overs were just as good as the first time!

Another staple in the Lembo household is homemade calzones so of course I wanted to get Mariah and Emily hooked too! These are a perfect weekend meal and we all get to pick and choose what we want and everyone is involved in the cooking process.

The prep station


All done!

Thursdays meal was Mushroom and Fettuccine with red pepper flakes from Cuisine at Home. Another hit, a bit too spicy for Mariah but we're slowly teaching her spicy is yummy.

 Mushrooms, anyone?

Finished product!

Tonight the boys are coming over for pasta and meatballs and apple crisp with the apples I picked today. So exciting, we love entertaining! I'll remember to take pictures this time!


  1. Thanks for the update and pics! The boys are in for a great meal tonight. Don't forget to get a few bottles of red wine to go with the pasta and meatballs.

  2. Martin, she is underage. No wine. Love momma

  3. i just came on here to ask for an invite for dinner. i'll take some wine, please. good idea, UM. cousin - none for you. you're underage :)