Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Tradition. That is what the holidays are all about.  In the Lembo family it means lots of fun, food and family.    It means doing things the same way year after year because that is what is comfortable and what you look forward to year after year.   For many years we would go to Gammy and Papas house for Christmas Eve.  We went to church at the Nursing home which was always a nightmare for my cousins and me.   My brother would do anything possible to sit in the lobby and avoid the ‘old people’.   Wondering how he would manage to get in the lobby was a favorite guessing game of my mom.  Dinner and gifts under the tree in the basement were next on the schedule.   Before we left to go home at night, my mom would gather the kids and read “Twas the Night Before Christmas” popup book.   Several of the pop-ups no longer pop due to the  excessive use but my mom secretly hopes for grandchildren one day so she can read the pop up book to them on Christmas Eve, broken pop ups and all. Christmas Day starts early, although my brother makes it later and later each year.   Presents under the tree and lots of love to go around!  Later in the day our grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins gather and we eat and drink and play some games.  The menu is always the same, don’t try to bring in any new recipes to the menu.    The only thing we can vary on is the type of birthday cake we make for baby  Jesus.  Sometimes it is ice cream cake and sometimes a regular cake in the tree pan.   So now to talk about cards…..every year my mom thinks about not sending cards.  Maybe a Christmas Email, maybe donate the money to a charity….and every year she thinks about the fun of coming home from work with a sense of anticipation to see whose card is in the mailbox that day.  Connecting with those we see all the time and more importantly those whose distance make the Christmas Card Catch-up so very special. Our photo cards are always a project, especially now that my brother and I are at college.   Mom has to figure out how to get the two of us in the same place at the same time and willing to pose together!  This year didn’t work out well and we’ll be using the three separate picture card frame so we can use pictures from throughout the year.   We will be including devil dog, a lab-husky mix who came to live with us in June.   She has some behavioral issues and lucky to still be with us but we’ll include her on the card  so she can help tell our 2010 story to our friends and family.    Tradition.  It’s was makes the season complete.  Our cards this year will be cards.  Yours can too…check out these websites.  
Merry Christmas Friends and Family.  

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  1. Let me be the first to wish you and your wonderful family a very Merry Christmas! Your mom makes everything she touches special. Thanks for sharing your memories. Merry Christmas with Love!