Wednesday, January 12, 2011

all that glitters is gold

Warning: This post is not about food, rather a crafting adventure (another favorite hobby of mine). This is also a very long post!

Any girl loves glitter, right? Well minus a few exceptions, ahem our neighbor who was not particularly fond of the glitter sprinkled in the walkway...but that's another story, I, on the other hand am no exception and re-kindled my love for glitter around Halloween time. Emily had the brilliant idea that we would be Josie and the Pussycats, because one: we watched the movie last semester and re-lived our childhood and two: who doesn't want to be a rock star? So we headed to the mall, found all the glitz and glam we could and off we went back home for me to make a sign, signature to the movie, with what other than glitter? I mean what's a rock star with out the glam? Upon making the sign, glitter and I fell back in love, we took a break from each other for a few years while I took up new hobbies like going to elementary school (where I feel as though glitter would be frowned upon due to its stick-ability to everything and lack of an appropriate method of clean up) and then as  I continued to grow my crafting became solely based around puffy paint, why you may ask? Ask any Fairport Cheerleader how much puffy paint they have and you would soon see it is a staple, whether its team shirts, stunt group gifts, pillow cases, you name it, it can be puffy painted. (Or if you are my mother, your specialty is puffy painted holiday socks!) Any who, back to glitter and my re-kindled love. After the sign making, I wanted to glitter everything and I wanted to buy anything glitter-y. I needed heels for a formal that I was wearing a black dress to, so off went Mariah and I, hoping to find heels in any solid color, just to add some pizazz to my outfit, after much frustration we found nada, and we searched, Mariah is a shoe connoisseur so went from store to store, still no luck, until we were on our way out and she said, oh let's stop in here. I was so over shopping at this point and being let down she had to drag me in, and oh am I glad she did. Low and behold we found the perfect shoes. Not only did they have my size, I could walk in them (a true test, being such a clumsy child- hence why mother calls me grace..for my lack of..) but the best part...they were glitter-y. Oh man was I in heaven.

Seeing as though I am not one to wear heels out on your typical night (Halloween really did me in) I wish I had glitter-y shoes of some sort that I could wear out and did not need a special occasion because they really jazz up an outfit. I got a picture frame from my best friend Tess that says something along the lines of whatever you do in life, make sure you do it in cute shoes. So, one day I was looking around online, probably at recipes to make because well, that is what I do in my spare time, I came across this and almost died. DIY glitter flats? Hello, glitter and a craft project combined in one, how much better could it get? I enlisted Mariah, she probably rolled her eyes and thought to herself, yet another one of her crazy ideas? But I simply bribed her with some guacamole and she quickly obliged. 

 Being a poor college kid with no income for the time being, spending $40 on a pair of flats is just not in my forecast (another reason why I liked this project). I began researching flats and found some at Target, convenient because Jo-Ann's is right next door.

 I found these bad boys for $12.99, not bad.
 After Target, I beep bopped over to Jo-Ann's and picked up the rest of the supplied which were all super cheap, each glitter container was .99 and the brushes were .39 a piece. The killer was definitely the clear spray which was $5.99 BUT the lady in front of me in the check out line had a 40% off coupon and gave it to me so everything came to be $7.39 with tax. So, thank you lady in front of me for buying all your items on sale and giving me that coupon!!

We had no idea what to expect slash what to do, the instructions were kind of vague so we kind of just went with it and the actually turned out really well!

Figuring out the ratio of mod podge to glitter took a while but finally we figured out that you had to use double the glitter than mod podge and it worked out.
 The first couple coats looked funny and while we waited for the mod podge to try it looked really silly with the white all over but once it dried you could see where you needed more glitter.

 Obviously we had to break into the wine to get our creative juices flowing.
 The final product!

They turned out really well I'm excited to wear them and I want to make more! I'm thinking all gold or all silver, hmm the possibilities are endless maybe I should just take up making glitter flats for a living!

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