Sunday, February 27, 2011

two W's, a hair cut and a baking spree

Last week started out just splendid, sleeping through my 8am because I set my alarm for pm and not am, go me. Happy Monday. Despite the rough start the day, it ended well when we got revenge on Villanova and beat them 69-64, always exciting stuff.

Monday: homemade chicken fingers, salad and roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil and garlic.
Tuesday: Chicken sausage with spinach and roasted red peppers, salad and roasted green beans with tomatoes.
(We may or may not have been on a roasted vegetable kick in the earlier part of this week)
Wednesday:Chicken and Vegetable Dumpling Soup
(I changed it up a little, eliminated celery because quite frankly it does nothing for me and added corn instead, we don't have thyme so I used a mixture of basil and parsley and it worked out just fine. The dumplings were like little clouds floating in our tummies!)

well that doesn't seem right..
 also, we ran out of olive oil (!!!) so I had to use butter instead to saute the vegetables

Thursday we fended for ourselves as I had to meet for a project right at dinner dinner.

Friday: Lighter Eggplant Parmesan
I know, I know you are probably thinking how can you lighten eggplant parm, are you crazy?! The best part is all that cheesey goodness. Not only did it use reduced fat mozzarella and fat free ricotta, you don't bread the eggplant. Instead, you roast it in the oven with olive oil, I could have just eaten the eggplant dipped in sauce off the baking sheet. Oh, AND all the normal sized eggplants are frozen in Texas. Like reallllly? So I had to use baby eggplants. Not a happy camper.

 It's always a fun surprise when thawing the sauce from my mother and you find it packed full of meatballs!
It kind of looks like one cheesey mess but there really is eggplants in there!

It's not secret we love to bake and we are always looking for excuses to bake..this weekend our baking adventures led us to: homemade m&m brownies, Samoa M&M Blondies and chocolate chip and raisin pumpkin bread (so we could make Pumpkin Bread French Toast)

I failed in the picture department but here's the jist of everything..

 How much sugar is too much sugar?

 You coat it in a egg-milk mixture like normal french toast, brown it for a few minutes then bake it and serve it with syrup!

After our wonderful breakfast Saturday morning we had the pleasure of watching the basketball team beat Georgetown 58-51, it was an entertaining game. As usual it was a nail biter. 

Last but not least..I rarely get my hair cut. Last time I got it cut was over Thanksgiving, I know, I know probably not the best idea but I just don't find it a necessity. But it has gotten real bad, I sit in class and just stare at my dead ends, the amount of dead ends I had was quite frightening. So one day in class I texted Mariah and Emily and said, "guys you're cutting my hair"..that and quote Parent Trap (because clearly every time it is on TV I recite every line for them.) We've been saying we would cut it for a while and finally Friday night Mariah took the scissors to my disaster of a head.


After..and today I straightened it to see if we needed to do any touch ups and we didn't it was perfecto, way to go Mariah. If math and econ don't work out for you, I could see you hacking hair all day every day :)

Spring break is SO close just:
-8 days of classes
-Business Comm Presentation  
-Eric Schlosser Presentation (author of Fast Food Nation)
- Nutrition Test
-Home for a night :)
-a 21st birthday weekend (which entails SO many activities)
-Last regular season basketball game
-Finallllly home for a night before my mother and I go to California for a fun filled week :)

Stay tuned next week for all the goodies that will be baked for the big party this weekend!

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