Monday, April 11, 2011

odds and ends

 This is how I spent my Thursday evening, after a glass of wine and enjoying the sunshine-y afternoon and before devouring Freshens frozen yogurt with cookie dough bites, and sprinkles. Obviously.
 Pounding chicken until the neighbors began to think there was some questionable behavior occurring in our apartment

 Putting to use all the thoughts that had been running through my head all day.
Yep. I think about what I am going to stuff my chicken with for dinner throughout math class#1, math class#2 and business communications presentations. again, sorry mom.

This is where I spent my Saturday afternoon:

 I haven't had to take these bad boys off since then
 (the day these break/ go missing, I might shed a tear, or two, or a whole rivers worth. This $7 Kohl's purchase was the best purchase of my life)

Sunday I came home to an apartment with none of this:
None. Zero. Not even a single packet. Who am I to not have a spare packet let alone spare box some where? I have lost my mind.

Good thing Wegmans is right around the corner. Plus I needed to refill my latest obsession for the week (see below) and I needed dinner. Sushi to be exact. Which, I could probably eat every day if that was possible. Thank you N for introducing me.

This is my latest food phase:
I hate these commercials more than anything, like change the channel I dislike them that much. It's a good thing they are so tasty.

Despite the fact that it was 7:56 am on a Monday morning and I was walking to the bus, I think I had the biggest grin on. I walked outside without a coat, to sunshine, capris and shorts everywhere and campus a buzz with happiness. It's amazing what the sun can do. And the fact that there is just 3 more Mondays I will have to do this and 4 more Wednesdays. 

Now all I can think about is my pile of school work  laying out by the pool, grilling and fresh vegetables from the garden. One more month. One more month, from today, exactly, summer break will begin.

Sophomore year, where did you go?

I stumbled across a new blog today. I am ready to bake her whole recipe section especially this, these and definitely these, too.

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  1. so glad my tuition money is going to such good use. love momma