Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a semester in pictures

It's all so surreal. Today is April 20th, in less than 25 days (22 to exact, AH) it will be time to pack up and move home. Literally feels like just yesterday we were moving in, trying to make this place ours. I feel like we've done a pretty darn good job. Here is first semester (clearly I'm a little late, forgive me)

we moved in..

we had our first meal of many together (at 10pm, after we realized we had zero power in the kitchen)..

 we reunited with the boys..
 Mariah entered her last year as teenager..
we became mothers..err Mariah Cappy..the dirtiest, laziest fish you'll ever encounter..may be it was the Rum someone fed him one night..

made a quick trip to vermont..

al came to visit and everyone got to meet her crazy self..
I entered my last year of being a teenager and we had our first party..
we stayed busy in the kitchen..

 We temporarily had a pet spider..
 everyone got to taste momma lem sauce and meatballs for the first time and their lives all changed a little bit..

greens and beans was introduced..again, lives changed..
 our favorite turkey burgers were made for the first of many times..
 we got inventive and made our own pumpkin..
 that later became pumpkin muffins..
 carved pumpkins, that resembled things..except mine..whose having an identity crisis..
clearly had the best costumes on the block..
drank lots of butter beer and butterscotch-flavored treats..
 mariah and emily took over the kitchen for the first time and succeeded..
 we failed miserably at making this cookie..
 but to make up for it, made the most delicious s'more cookies
we decorated our tree the day after thanksgiving break..

 made delicious treats..

 had a Christmas party..
 love, love, love our neighbors..
 and jenny!
 no party is complete without shots all around..
love our boys..
 Santa stopped by...

we missed each other so much we had to come back over break..
 to do wild and...
 crazy things..

On a whole we...
drank too often..
 never had a dull moment...
 learned quickly emily would lose her head if it wasn't attached..
 baked, a lot. and at odd hours (that's 1:44 am)...
 made and served hundreds of jell-o shots..
 learned having your own apartment is not fun. like cleaning to toilets not fun..
there can never be too many taylor swift jam sessions.
not everyone likes glitter..but that won't stop me..

stay tuned for this semester!

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