Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catching Up

Is it really possible we are in week 6 of the first semester? Almost at the half way point. Scary. Slow down time. So much has happened in the past 6 weeks, I can only imagine what's going to come.

Here's a quick run down..

Move in time!!
My room looked like this for a great while, because let's face it I started packing in July. Just kidding. But not really.

We were reunited and life we complete.

I turned 20...Al visited! And I had a quarter life crisis, oh and the countdown to the home stretch of 21 is on.

We signed a lease for our house next year!! Look at this gem..

And, here's the biggest news of all.. if you're still with me.. well big news times two...

Numero uno..I am now a blogger for What The Health Magazine which is a health magazine that "delivers the latest buzz on fitness, nutrition and wellness to keep SU students in top shape."

Here, follow them on Twitter, @WTHOnline
and like them on Facebook, here
and last but not least, read my blog posts Fridays!!!

And for the biggest news of all...Friday I got some very exciting news.. I am now the "director of social media" for Organically Hip. Yay internship! Double yay it's at a company that produces organic baked goods. Hello, could this not be any more perfect for me??

Click here to learn all about the company.

Now go like it on Facebook, here
and Twitter, @organicallyhip
and the blog, yours truly is now an author, here

and go tell all your friends. because who doesn't love themselves some cookies?

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