Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This year we were a bit of slackers. Compared to last year at least. Last year we planned and perfected our Josie and the Pussycats outfits weeks ahead of time.

This year, Thursday afternoon we ventured out into the sleet/hail/snow/rain whatever was falling from the sky to figure out what we were going to be. The previous weekend I had gone home and my little next door neighbor and his friend were being Thing 1 and Thing 2, and since there is only two of us this year, we stole the idea.

We hit up the little kids section at Target and found red shirts in the boys department and red leggings in the girls. I was SO opposed to the red leggings but I'm so glad Mariah made me do it because it turned out perfect.

Thursday night we crafted up a storm..here's the process of the shirt making in pictures..
 I traced a bowl with pencil then painted the inside with fabric paint.
 Mariah did the black outline with puffy paint because I am WAY too impatient to do that kind of tedious work.
 Next we searched the internet and enlarged a picture of the words and traced them so we would have the writing perfect.
I traced around the stencils and...
wah-la we have our costumes!

 (4/6ths of our house next year!)

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