Friday, January 20, 2012


Last Sunday me, fay, fay and Mrs. Felice headed off to Niagra Falls at 7am for our 11:30 flight straight to Punta Gorda. Well..let's just say 11:30 turned into 6:30 then to 5:30 oh wait, it's 4:30 now. But don't get too excited, back to 6:30. Well. Needless to say after seeing our flight would not be taking off for seven hours we decided to head off to the outlet mall to kill some time, but let me tell you seven hours is SO LONG. Finallllly it was time to go through security, after waiting in the longest line ever and we were about to be next little fay discovered her license was missing. Fabulous. After solving that fiasco, waiting some more, sitting on a never ending plane we finally made it to the Sunshine State. We spent the week soaking up the sun at the beach and pool, eating lots, did some shopping and took about seven billion pictures. Oh, and mastered a three person piggy back. It is not as easy as one would think, let me tell you. I ended up on the ground, multiple times. That requires its own post.  Here are a few pics..

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  1. I'm aorry you didn't have fun. :)