Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'm still slightly in disbelief that I'm actually 21. I feel as though September 19th would NEVER come. But sure enough it came and went in the blink of an eye. Celebrations started Tuesday, well technically Sunday when I met momma at the outlets for some shopping and then dinner with Al and Mrs. G. Happy day to see best friend. And load up on homemade goodies from momma including sauce for Tuesday's birthday dinner. Mariah made pasta and meatballs, pretty sure t polished off 10 in one sitting. Then that was followed by the best.chocolate.cake.ever with salted caramel buttercream. Drooling thinking about it. (blurry pics because I was tooooo excited to eat)

Wednesday night was so surreal. We went to Faegans which I had never been to, they are rather strict with the whole ID thing so we just stayed away. Kitty dropped us off and first thing the bouncers said when we walked up was "Whose got the fake??" naturally, as obnoxious as possible I yell IT'S MY BIRTHDAY and flash my ID. Wednesdays at Faegan's is flip night so essentially you order, the bartender flips a coin, you guess heads or tails, you get it right free drink, you guess wrong ya gotta pay. I'd say 2/3 isn't too shabby.

Probably one of my favorite nights thus far this year.

Thursday was the longest day of classes ever because the whole time I knew J was on his way and I was so excited for him to be here. Poor kid did not know what he was in for, he's only been here with 3 as maximum girl capacity, surpirse all 6 of us are here now. Thursday night was mom-dad-daughters night. J and I unoffically- officially became parents to Taylor this summer, and newly adopted Teresa and us three girls love to tell him this and he freaks out.


Friday was just even more exciting because Kevin came, and we were all anticipating that so much. I think everyone had a countdown to when Jared and Kevin were going to be here, we're all a bit in maaaaaajor withdrawal from our boys. Me, t, Mariah, J and Kevin went out to dinner (where I ordered my first legal drink at dinner, woohoo!) and then continued on with birthday festivities. (with a little pin the tail on the mariah left over from her birthday)

Saturday momma and daddy came and cooked everyone a feast and everyone was more than loving life being waited on and eating their hearts out. thanks momma & daddy!!!
and more festivities saturday..
Sunday we went out to breakfast before the boys had to depart.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect birthday and I am so, so, so grateful for everyone who made it so wonderful. I love, love, love alllll of you.

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