Thursday, August 4, 2011


Another break from cooking! And a lot of background information on how I got to this craft.

When I went to Syracuse 3 weeks ago,my ex roommate*, Emily, had just moved into her new apartment and had these adorable canvases she painted! On one she dipped fake flowers into paint then splattered painted on top and the other was checkered boxes, they were too cute! I knew right away that would be my next craft.

*I say ex roommate, because first of all ex seems like there was some harsh break up and it was anything but that. Emily is a year older than Mariah and I, and the smarty pants graduated a year early but thank the heavens she is coming back for another year!! But since she's now a grad student, she can't live with us little undergrads, hence why she is our ex roommate. But really she's still our roommate. And we still refer to each other as roommates, and always will. And we were called the tripod by someone and it stuck, and perfectly describes us.

So I searched for some canvases, found some on sale at Michaels and waited until I had some free time to create some masterpieces and until some great idea popped in my head. I knew I wanted to do the saying "long hair don't care", I just didn't know how. I stumbled across a website that had a guest post featuring canvases and it was perfect.

Where did the saying come free? "long hair don't care" was introduced to me by miss Alexandra earlier this year and it literally applies to everything. I shared it with E and M and it too has become our phrase and what we live by. 

Click here to learn how! Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas from Tatertots and Jello

I realllly liked how the canvas came out and kind of wanted to leave it, but I was too impatient to make another to paint over.

 Once mod podged..

 I forgot the in between pictures of tracing the letter and painting.

And I had to add a personal touch of glitter, obviously.

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