Tuesday, May 3, 2011

18 straight days of rain.

 Yes. We have really had 18 days of straight rain of some sort. Syracuse, how did you know I love to be a drown rat every. darn. day.

If you haven't noticed, which I can totally understand if you don't due to this lovely, er lack thereof, weather, but summer is SO close. That being said, that means finals are upon us.

Clearly, we've let ourselves go..

I promise our apartment is usually not this disgusting, clearly our priorities have shifted for the time being..
 This poor guy's getting quiet the work out these days..and this cupboards missing its insides..
this is usually over flowing..now the mugs have found a new home..whether it be the sink, the kitchen table, our desks..they are livin' life on the wild side these days, very runaway-esq.

Have no fear, don't lose all hope in us. Obviously we've made time for our favorite activity..

This is how we spent our Saturday night, yes a Saturday night, because after doing this* all day Friday and a little bit of this..
 rockin' cool kicks

 getting a little too excited during kan jam
 breaking fingers
 and being fierce

after a long day filled with activities Saturday night we spent quality time with the kitchen. and mass amounts of chocolate. 

along with the end of the semester comes the need to clean out the cupboards. aka anything that can be dipped in chocolate went for a swim that night.


and now we are off to bake some more. for a special someone's birthday. oh procrastination at its finest.

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