Wednesday, May 11, 2011

self timer, whaa?

we might have this thing. and that thing might be a self timer shot before we went out. we tried to make it a weekend ritual. most nights it worked. some well, let's say the camera was left in my bag for a reason.

we occasionally switch sides,
strike poses 
but always
we look pretty.

to my princess peaches, i love you. more than words can explain.
i promise the recap of this semester is coming.
plus a sappy love note, just because.
it's not real life that its 12:42 am and my alarm is set for 6:30
or that our apartment resembles a jail cell and it echoes when we screech.
and it's even more not real life that in 12 hours I will be home. for summer. not with you two.
cry all day.


  1. so like I didn't live there and I am so sad. Can't imagine how you all feel. My Farm Acre Girls, you are special for sure. Love momma Lembo

  2. awhhh this is adorable. LOVE YOU doodlejumper. and all ready miss you and our self-timer, obvi. <3