Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Break From Food

On temporarily. Naturally I cannot break from the kitchen for long. But, I do have an odd obsession with crafting. Crafting and cooking is all I need to be happy. Clearly it's the simple things in life.

I came across this back in March during school and fell in love. It was the first project I wanted to tackle upon returning home for the summer.

How cool is that?? (The middle part is a mirror if you can't quite make it out)

So the other night after dinner with Tess and my mother, we needed something to do. What better than to make the Starburst mirror? So, Tess, me and my giant fat lip (allergic reaction to..who knows, with me the possibilities are endless) were off to Joann's, Target and the Dollar Store (after calling and asking if they had silverware, then buying a 14 packages of silverware)

First stop was Target for a plate, then JoAnn's for a mirror, which they didn't have so we decided to improvise and buy different sizes and shapes of little mirrors and make a mosaic, and instead of beads we picked up some colored rocks instead then headed to the Dollar Store for the silverware.

It's kind of a tedious task, definitely helps with two people. I'm not crazy about the lengths of all the spoons, some got glued in a bit too far but it's okay I think it still looks good. I can't wait to hang it up in our apartment! Wee!!

The instructions can be found here

Also, mom if you're reading this, which I know you are, I want need these :) :)


  1. a) this is SICK. you girls did such a good job!! i can't wait to see it hanging in our apartment :) b) OH MY GOSH THOSE SHOES <3 loveeee aldo

  2. I need a million dollars to keep up with your needs. Will let you know when I get it. love momma.